When Stupidity Knows No Bounds

So there was this chick I used to go college with never really spoke to her but once we finished but I had her on Facebook and occasionally got dragged into conversation  (You know them ones where you didn’t even clock that you were online at the time)

So she asks for my number I give it to her on a friend thing and speak to her to hear her hoe stories every now and again when I can be asked.

One day she asks me a daunting question “What’s an AC” I think to myself why she wants to know this then she tells me a guy she knows wants to do an AC with her and she really needs to the money.

This girl worked full time and told me she needed the money to buy clothes so she can look good in the summer. I explained to her what an AC is which is basically some random fraudster with your bank card depositing funds into your account which you get a shit share from that makes the person get black listed and not be able to get another account in the UK .

I’ve noticed something though these guys who do fraud always aim for females due to the fact they know it’s easier to sweet talk them into doing this crap anyways let me continue on with this tale.

So it’s about the end of the month slightly before payday she has about £200 left in her account to last her about a week and a bit. Now people have lasted longer than that on less than this amount but the money and greed overtook her.

She calls up the guy and inquires about the AC he tells her that he will be around in a bit so they can talk and see if she is really down to do this.

Pulls up in a whip now and being the Lewisham girl she is gets gassed because he’s driving a decent car thinking she’s going to be doing the same after this move that they are going to do. After a few minutes talking in the car and explaining he needs her card the don tells her that she looks good and thinks she should invite him inside to her flat.

She does and he drops the basics roasting guy bars telling her how beautiful she is and how he didn’t think he would be seeing such a nice girl when doing a move. She fucks him bareback within five minutes of meeting the guy. He gets up and tells her to be ready in the morning to go do the move and get the money sorted.

Next day comes another guy pulls up in a car with the guy she fucked in the back seat and they explained what was going to happen. They walked around all day in west end putting money in her account and buying themselves not her themselves clothing, consoles and whatever the fuck they felt like buying probably bought her a dress or something and then told her they are going to hold onto her card till tonight to sort out the money and then give her the share of money they owe her tomorrow.

The guys come to her flat the next morning and make claims of not having her card saying there not going to give it back to her unless they are both allowed to beat (Fuck her) they did and gave her the share of money they intended to which was only 4bills.

They left without giving her the bank card so she goes to check the account and see’s she still has the £200 she has in there originally until later on when she goes back to the bank in the evening and finds out that one of the guys spent the rest of her money in Tesco’s treating himself to luxurious groceries and the 4bills she thought she has with just two twenty pound notes on either side of a stack of plain paper.

Few weeks later of being paid and not being able to receive the money alas being broke she finds out that she caught herpes from the guys she slept with and only a few weeks after that found out she’s pregnant for one of the guys but isn’t sure which guy it belongs to as she slept with both of them.

I myself thought she was lying about this whole drama and no one could be that stupid as to put themselves in a situation where your life would be so fucked but I was wrong.

She ended up with no money, pregnant and with herpes a disease she cannot be rid of all because she wanted to buy clothes for summer. Now if she listened to me or my friends who also know this chick and told her not to bother then she wouldn’t be in this mess.

Moral of the story is doing AC’s or bank scams its long you might end up pregnant with no money and an STI.

P.S she also doesn’t talk to me anymore because I deleted her off Facebook and refused to borrow her any money =/

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