Part of your 5 a day

So as this is my first post I’m going to start with a story that I posted to twitter earlier but couldn’t go into detail on due to the 140 character limit hopefully doing a blog will allow my stories and tales I have experienced to reach further audiences.

I am naming this one part of your 5 a day due to the fact this is a story about a girl I once met who did exactly that.

That 5 a day

So living in South London you learn a lot of things such as not ever letting your mum set you up with chicks because they turn out to be whores.

There was a girl who lived around my area named Charlotte who no one really knew but her mum was friends with my own so I occasionally saw her about.

One day this girl asks my mum for my phone number my mother not knowing the whore she is decides to give it to her. This girl calls me immediately and tells says “its Charlotte I got your number from your mum do you wanna fuck” I’m thinking O_O firstly why did my mum give my number to her and two how the hell is she open about wanting to fuck me like that.

Anyways I rarely spoke to the girl so her having my number became void but I saw her outside talking to my mum one day and decided to get involved in what they were saying.

I was like soooo “Charlotte whats good, Whats new, What have you been up to” she simply said “Yesterday I fucked 5 guys” my face was like D:< how could she say this so casj like it was nothing.

So she started to tell me the story


She woke up at 8am In the morning and proceeded to her boyfriends house who she was with for a year, He obviously has no clue she was like this hence there relationship being so long. They fucked for a few hours she gave him head and had him cum inside her, she was on the pill apparently because she was allergic to condoms and could only fuck bareback.

After fucking her boyfriend for a few hours she told him that she was meeting a few friends from school that she knew to go watch a film at peckham cinema’s (The one across from the Mac Donalds). Back in the day this cinema was hella cheap so everyone went there and her boyfriend believed her so she left his around 12pm.

As everyone knows with slags they don’t really have many other girl friends or female company they are ‘To Bitchy’ Or ‘Snakes’. The truth being most females once they find out there ways don’t want to be anywhere near them due to the hoe by association rule.

So this slag reaches the cinema’s at midday now to meet a guy she was talking to on Myspace or Bebo it was one of those two sites, Most guys who had no game used to use these sites to move up chicks and this don was no expection.

This girl says to the guy in the cinema’s “this film is shit can we go and do anal in the toilets please” so they go into the cinema toilets and this guy proceeds to juice her bottom.. NO LUBE.. NO  CONDOM.. Nothing I hope he got tested and didnt die because that risk is to intense. He fucks her in her arse and in her pussy with NO CONDOM switching openly between the two holes as she told me in her own words. When I asked her why she does anal she told me its because she can clench her bum cheeks and make it tighter on the guys dick.

So she left the cinema’s around 2:30pm and decided to go see her EX boyfriend who lived nearby in Dulwich which is basically 20mins away on bus with cum still leaking out of her ass and vag she has sex with him as well. I am 100% sure this dude must have caught something because she just got fucked ass to pussy with no condom she stays at his house for abit and tells me they went a few rounds. Later on she comes back to endz aka Brixton around 6pm

You would think at this point she would be done at 3 guys or at least be getting paid but nope she was just a nympho who loved that dick. Its like 6pm now and she goes to visit a guy I went to school with that lived around my area (If you’re reading this and you think this is you then it is you and you cant do shit because I will beat you up bruv) this guy never used to get girls so Im surprised he actually fucked her to be perfectly honest..

So she fucked this guy on endz now lol funniest thing was she didn’t actually want to tell me who he was like say he was Frankenstein or something.

This guy actually caught something though I remember mocking him in school about catching chlamydia and gonorrhea at the same time saying he got chlarrhea and called him Chlarrhea boy.It gets to about 10pm or something and she went to her best-friends boyfriends house :O.

She actually knew the guy before hand and actually set up her best friend with this guy but also kept close contact with him talking to him on the phone and shit till 3am which is giant no no in my books.

This time she didn’t actually intend to fuck the guy and went around his house to just chill and smoke the highest grade but as one knows a slut and a guy cant be in the room for to long. She apparently got horny and put it on him (yes after 4 guys she still got horny). They started play fighting and as we all know that leads to sex.

When I asked her how she felt, she was like it was nothing you dont even realize that you have fucked so many people.

However she did get nabbed by her mum due to her best friend finding out she fucked her man and then told the girls mum. Her mum took away her phone, internet access and make sure she was indoors at a certain time didnt mean she stopped getting fucked though.

Ive yet to see her about In Brixton for a while though maybe she moved area or something but who knows..

Anyways this was my first post on this blog thing Im new to it so go easy on me. I have many more tales to share more extreme than this one so stay tuned

Millz out

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2 Responses to Part of your 5 a day

  1. Giovanni says:

    LOOOOL this is sooo funny I remember that butters chick imagine sum1 breeded IT looool and I would of baited names

  2. Delle says:

    I remember the Peckham cinema, i used to go there all the time before I moved. Funny read, had me in stitches, while also being slightly. disgusted and feeling sorry for the chick. Apart from cleaning up the grammar, congratulations on your first post. Look forward to more.

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